Whatever your level of fitness or sporting performance, a bespoke personal training package could help you achieve your physical goals quicker and more efficiently. 


Our highly experienced personal trainer will prescribe and instruct you through specific exercises, and motivate you by setting short term manageable targets to achieve your long term goals.


What to expect:

At your initial appointment your personal trainer will clarify your current levels of physical activity, discuss your goals and aspirations, ask questions about your current medical health and if appropriate, take size measurements at various points on your body.  

To ensure your personal training programme is tailor-made to your ability, a brief fitness test whereby your general strength and cardio-vascular stamina will be carried out. Depending on your budget and level of self motivation a programme to help you achieve your goals will be created, agreed and then delivered to you.


What you will need:

  • Suitable training clothes.

  • If it is a home visit suitable space to complete floor work.


Common goals include:

  • Weight loss

  • Preparation for an event

  • Improvements in muscle strength

  • Improvements in cardio-vascular endurance

  • Nutritional advice

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