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On-Site Corporate
Physiotherapy Services

If you find that your employees suffer from musculoskeletal conditions related to their work, such as back and neck pain from sitting at a desk for long periods of time, our On-Site Corporate Physiotherapy Service could help address your employees’ conditions and maintain productivity. 


At 3R Physiotherapy we understand that employees visiting off-site physiotherapy sessions, whilst important to their health and wellbeing, can negatively impact productivity and business efficiency. We offer a solution that means your employees are treated for their concerns, without having to take time off work to visit off-site clinics.

Corporate Physiotherapy Service in Leeds

3R Physiotherapy can provide an on-site physiotherapy clinic for either half a day, or a full day, where your employees can book appointments around their schedule. We can also offer a corporate physiotherapy service that provides priority bookings within 24 hours at one of our physiotherapy clinics in Leeds. 


There are no additional costs to set up an on-site corporate physiotherapy clinic with us, all we need is access to a meeting room or private space in your building. We’ll provide all of the necessary equipment and handle any administration related to bookings. 


All of our qualified Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in the field, ensuring that your employees receive quality treatment that will help to resolve their conditions. We’re also covered by all major Private Medical Insurers, meaning direct costs to your business are kept to a minimum.

  • Are you postnatal personal trainers?
    We provide tailored postnatal personal training for anyone looking to lose weight and improve their overall physical health after having a baby.
  • Do you provide personal training for seniors and OAPs?
    We provide tailored personal training for senior citizens and old age pensioners. We can help with brittle bones and coach you to achieve a healthy, strong body even in your older years.
  • Is a personal trainer worth it?
    Personal training is usually worth it for the person if they dedicate themselves to eat right and take the time to turn up to the sessions. Once at the session, following the advice of the personal trainer will make the session more worthwhile.
  • How long before you see results with a personal trainer?
    Personal training usually shows results within the first 8 weeks if you apply yourself to a few sessions per week and follow the nutritional advice given. This, obviously, can depend on many factors: metabolism, gender, diet, current fitness level etc.

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If you have any questions about our On-Site Corporate Physiotherapy Services in Leeds,  please get in touch; we’re more than happy to help.


Phone: 07950 930 133

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