Are you a business owner with Employees suffering with various musculo-skeletal conditions such as back and neck pain from their desk-working positions? 

Are you frustrated with the implications this can have to the productivity and efficiency of your Business both financially and timewise?

3RPhysiotherapy fully understands this predicament and can now offer businesses a solution to employees taking sick days or leaving work on multiple occasions to attend off-site physiotherapy appointments. 

3RPhysiotherapy can offer an onsite physiotherapy service to help eliminate this problem. 

What to expect:

3RPhysiotherapy can either offer your employees appointments at one of our clinic locations within 24hours of notification, or hold ½ day or full day sessions on site at your business location.

There are no additional costs to set up an onsite physiotherapy clinic with us, we provide all the necessary equipment.  All we require is the use of a meeting room or private space.  Once a session time has been arranged, we will handle all the administration and bookings leaving you to concentrate on your Business.

All our Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience ensuring your employees will receive a resolution to their condition. We are covered by all the major Private Medical Insurers which can keep direct cost to your Business at a minimum.