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'Fed up of feeling unfit?'

'Conscious you don’t look and feel as good as you used to?'

'Has life got in the way and your health and fitness taken a ‘back seat’?'



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'Do you live in, or near Garforth, want to improve your fitness, change your body shape, raise your self-confidence but just don’t know where to start?


What is a Fitness Boot Camp?

  • A group based physical training session conducted by exercise professionals.

  • They help push people a little further than they would normally push themselves.

What to expect? 

  • Be welcomed by a group of like-minded supportive people, all wanting to change their physical health and mental well-being.

  • Discover exercise sessions which are achievable regardless of ability. You do not need to be super fit or have done anything like this before to take part.

  • Sessions commence with 'dynamic' stretching and jogging/walking.

  • Complete a mixture of bodyweight and equipment-based exercises in a COVID risk assessed, safe environment.

  • Sessions will finish with a cool down and stretch and leave you feeling re-energised and on a 'high'. 

Bootcamp Member's benefits:

When and where?

  • Monday 12pm ONLINE ZOOM HIIT Session

  • Monday 6.45pm - Outdoor Session

  • Wednesday 12pm - Outdoor Session

  • Wednesday 6.45pm- Outdoor Session

  • Thursday 6am - Outdoor Session

  • Saturday 7.45am - Outdoor Session 

  • All outdoor sessions take place at Glebelands Recreation Ground, Ninelands Lane, LS25 1NT, and last approximately 60 minutes.

How do I join?


What are the options/cost?

  • FREE taster week trial 

  • 1.  ZOOM only - This option allows you to attend the Monday HIIT session at 12pm and have access to a recording of the session for further completion through the week. The cost for a 7 week block is £29.

  • 2. Single Outdoor session - This option allows you to attend one Outdoor session,  the Monday live ZOOM HIIT session and have access to a recording of the session for further completion through the week. The cost for a 7 week block is £52.

  • 2.  All session access - This fantastic value option, allows you to attend ANY outdoor session, the Monday ZOOM HIIT session and have access to a recording of the session for further completion through the week.  The cost for a 7 week block is £87 (£3.10 per session based on 4 per week).

What do I need?

  • You need to wear suitable clothing and footwear for exercising. 

  • Water and any necessary medication required for exercise. 

  • For ZOOM sessions - an exercise mat and 2m space 

Any questions?

  • Please contact us via the enquiry form on the contact page.

What people say...

"My goal was to find a healthier way to de-stress and the boot camps have certainly done that. It’s the best feeling after an 11 hour shift at work to let off some stream and frustration. I have also recently realised my body shape has changed and I have started to tone up - something I’ve always wanted but never felt able to achieve after 2 children. So it’s been a great asset to my mental and physical health!" LH


"I’ve definitely lost weight but more importantly started to tone up and I feel better physically than I have for a long time. 

Also the high I feel after smashing a session gives me such a boost mentally and keeps me motivated!"  AL.


"I’ve always run a lot but boot camp has definitely altered my body shape especially since increasing it to twice a week. I couldn’t do one full press up when I started in September and this morning I managed to do full narrow press ups for every round of the N set." VH. 


"Bootcamp has really helped me through lockdown, I do every Wed session then add in the homework session some weeks too. I've also toned up, I've lost a couple of pounds and can see a difference in body shape. And it's definitely helping my running too, I feel stronger with more stamina, I'm doing my next half marathon at the end of Feb!" AM. 


"I was a little apprehensive about joining a boot camp, that would purely be done virtually. How wrong was I? Paul is both engaging and motivating, and provides alternates to exercises should things be tricky. He offers his wealth of experience to answer any questions you may have. I felt so much better after the first session and am already looking forward to next week. The tunes in the background aren't too bad either." DC.

"I wanted to improve my fitness especially since I have missed a season of badminton due to Covid, and want to be back up to speed once lockdown is over. Paul is my physio so I trust him to run a professional exercise class, so I choose 3R boot camp. Before the sessions I was interested to see how my body would cope with it . The sessions are well planned and Paul is very motivating. The live classes are excellent. After the block of classes, I am much fitter and stronger, especially my upper body." BB

"I missed my normal sporting activities, gym, badminton and golf due to Covid and lost my fitness. I had tried online sessions on YouTube or from my gym  but they didn't engage me. I choose 3R as know Paul is a physio and would explain the exercises well and provide a full body workout safely, also doing them live is the best part. Before starting the sessions I wasn't sure I would keep up and survive the hour. However, the hour passes really quickly and there are different options depending on your ability. Paul is very good at motivating and encouraging and it helps as he does all the exercises too. The buzz lasts for the day and you want to attend the next class to improve. Overall I feel more energetic and sleep better. My body is becoming more toned and my shape is changing for the better.  I want to try and keep this up ideally getting to 3 classes per week" JB