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Online Video Consultations

Covid-19 has forced many businesses to adapt how they work. Throughout lockdown 3RPhysiotherapy has successfully conducted Online Video Consultations with fantastic results. By providing bespoke exercise programmes 3RPhysiotherapy has helped clients back to full fitness with conditions such as ankle sprains, calf muscle pulls, knee tendon injuries, acute back spasms, shoulder bursitis and whiplash without the need for traditional ‘hands-on treatment’. On the 25th July when our clinics in gyms are finally permitted to open, we will aim to continue providing online video consultations as the benefits to our clients are clear. 1. Receive the same detailed assessment and knowledge as you would ‘face-to-face’. 2. Receive the same support via e-mail or phone as normal. 3. Time efficient- saving time on travel and the need to take time off work. 4. Greater availability of appointments. 5. Location to suit you be it at home or in the office.

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