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There's no such thing as a BAD posture!

The human body is designed to be able to move, twist and bend into lots of different postures or positions.

Often certain sitting postures are seen as bad for you physically and are given bad publicity. The truth is, it is not the posture, it's the TIME you spend in that position and what implications that has on your soft tissues (e.g. muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves). For example, as I am writing this post a lot of people would be horrified, I am slumped over my office desk with my chin poking forward and the back of my head practically touching my upper back. However, as I will be changing my position as soon as I have finished typing and I am generally quite active I should be able to stand up and walk away pain/injury free.

Conversely, if i were to sit in the same slouched passive position for longer periods of time, perhaps hours, days, weeks and months my body would gradually start to adapt/change to the passive position. My soft tissues would ultimately become weaker, reducing their ability to deal with my day-to-day stresses and loads, thus leading to aches, niggles forming and injury. My point is, sit as horribly as you want, but make sure you change your position and move regularly to reduce the likelihood of muscles/tendons changing and becoming weaker and injury more likely. So, do not blame the posture, blame the TIME you spend in it. #posturecorrection #postureexercises #exercisebenefits #dontstaystill #physioadvice #move #movementismedicine #exercisemotivation #wednesdaywisdom #onlinephysio #keepstrong #officeinspiration #desksetup #deskgoals #youcantgowronggettingstrong #getupandmove #exercisetime #slouch #goodposture #badposture

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